Intellectual Property Definition

When it comes to the ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ issue, there is still confusion

FOX Sports – Answers to frequently asked questions about Intellectual Property Rights in sports and entertainment.By Joe McLeod and Mark D. Zoller SeitzSeptember 26, 2018 09:53:26If you were a fan of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, you probably don’t care about intellectual property.In fact, you likely have no idea what that term even means.In many sports…

When Intellectual Property Is Legal, There Is No Escape

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What you need to know about copyright protection in the United States

Copyright protection is an important legal issue in many countries.However, in the U.S., the issue has become especially contentious, with many people expressing concern about the future of digital music.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is one of many agencies that can bring lawsuits against those who infringe on copyright, but it is only one tool…

Kickstarter – The world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creators

Startups are using the Internet to raise money for new products, services and projects.They can also get help with paying the bills and other financial obligations.With its platform of $50 billion in funding, Kickstarter has become a place for the people to raise funds to get new products or services they can use.The platform was…

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