Intellectual Property Definition

How the Supreme Court is reshaping India’s Intellectual Property law

New Delhi: India is poised to rewrite the intellectual property law in the wake of the Supreme Judicial Tribunal’s landmark judgement, which overturned the country’s previous regime on intellectual property.The government’s push for a new law is being spearheaded by the Supreme Courts’ new chief justice, R.K. Pillai.He has appointed a committee headed by Chief…

When Intellectual Property Is Legal, There Is No Escape

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Legal rights group to represent Intellectual Property Owners

The American Intellectual Property Rights Alliance, which has been working to defend intellectual property in Washington for nearly two decades, has been granted an extension to a lawsuit filed by the National Football League against the city of Seattle, the Washington state Attorney General’s office and the city’s health department.The Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group,…

Copyright infringement on TV shows could be a bigger problem than counterfeiting

A movie theater owner says he wants to get creative with his own TV shows and other entertainment products that could be copyrighted.The owner, who has a business with several TV and film companies, told CNNMoney that he wants customers to understand that he doesn’t make money on his shows.The business is licensed from a…

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