Why do companies sometimes have intellectual property rights in a given product?

Wiped out.This is a real one.That’s how much I dislike the whole process.I hate the fact that you get an intellectual property in something, and then you can’t get rid of it.That hurts me, because I’m a big fan of intellectual property.I think it’s important to protect intellectual property because you can always use it.If…

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Wiped out.

This is a real one.

That’s how much I dislike the whole process.

I hate the fact that you get an intellectual property in something, and then you can’t get rid of it.

That hurts me, because I’m a big fan of intellectual property.

I think it’s important to protect intellectual property because you can always use it.

If you have a car, you can still have that.

If a company does a great job of making a car and you sell it, they can use it and continue to make a car.

They can put their stamp on it.

They’re not just going to make it go away, they’re going to give it away to somebody else.

They are making a valuable product, and they want to protect that.

When I hear people say they have a patent, I always say, no.

It’s a bad idea.

And if somebody has a patent and they don’t want to give you one, it’s just not a good idea.

They should just sell it.

I like the idea of intellectual properties because they can give you a piece of software or a piece that you want to be able to do.

But if they’re not going to pay you for it, it shouldn’t be a good thing to give away.

I’m an idiot when it comes to that, but that’s how I feel.

It doesn’t matter if somebody’s going to get a copy of your software or your idea.

You should be able, without them paying you, to do something with that.

You’re not a programmer.

You don’t own a computer.

You just want to have a program that you can use.

You can’t make that happen.

And you know what, it would be great if that happened, but it doesn’t happen.

I guess you could say, why not just get rid?

If they don [wipe out].

It doesn [t] seem like a bad deal, right?

That’s the way it works.

It sounds good on paper.

But in practice, it doesn [r]emasculates.

I mean, I’m just a software developer, and if I’m going to sell software, I don’t know how much software is going to be sold.

It will just get thrown away.

So I don [t].

That’s a hard one to answer.

I can say, if you want a car that will go anywhere, you should sell it for whatever.

But it doesn`t seem like it would make sense to me to do that.

I want a good car, I want to buy a good-quality car.

I would say, “I’m not going pay you to do it.”

If you sell a car to somebody, it should be an automatic, right.

It should be a nice car.

You shouldn`t have to ask anybody for permission to sell it to anybody.

That`s the problem with the whole thing.

You get rid, and you’re going [g]o, “Oh, we’re going on vacation, so you don`t need to sell the car.”

You`re going, “No, we don`T want to sell a lot of cars.”

That doesn` t seem like the best way to go.

It seems like it should just be, “We don` t want to go on vacation.”

If I’m buying a new car, why should I ask anyone to do anything with the car?

They should be selling the car.

That doesn’t make sense.

I don`tt think anybody should be getting rid of their car.

There`s just something wrong with it.

There shouldn`ts be a mechanism in place that says, “If you want the car, just sell the damn car.”

So it’s really hard for me to get into that.

It`s not like I have a lot [wipes out].

If I`d like to, I`ll sell the old car.

But I don’t want to do the whole selling thing, because it makes me very angry, because you know, I know a lot about cars.

I`ve been around cars for 20 years, and it`s a different animal.

I know how a car works, and I know what a good engine is.

And I`m not interested in selling my car for $250,000.

I feel like the money should go to the people who are making cars, who are going to buy them.

I never buy a car from a dealership.

I buy a new one from the dealer.

So it`ll be a different situation, but at least I have to do my own research.

It is a very frustrating thing, and that`s why I hate it.

It makes me angry when I hear someone say they want a nice brand-new car and I just want it to be like the old one, because that` s a

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